Welcome to BB Eye Foundation VIP Kolkata

....The year was 1989 and my well nurtured practice had grown to more than what I could handle. And that is when the concept of a Foundation dawned on me.….. nay, it became a necessity.

I invited a junior colleague to join me, and help me with my clinical work………………and I helped him to grow an independent practice and provided him with an infrastructure that he could not afford on his own. ……..Yes, I had struck a cord …Independent Growth…..the Strength of Identity….. Bound by Clinical Dependence.

As more and more colleagues joined us, the Team grew and we diversified into the era of Super-Specialization - YES…. Unity in Diversity.

Ophthalmology was my passion but I had dreamt beyond and I needed to pursue these dreams. Travelling was what I wanted to do… I wanted to see the world and I needed time to do so.

I asked myself "Had I done my share of duty to the World and the Society?" And my conscience answered "YES".

So I called it a day…. And on 1st April 2004, I handed over my practice to a group of young, dynamic men and women. The Baton was passed … no strings attached; no looking back.

I sat back and watched them flourish and watched the Foundation grow from strength to strength.

They excelled in their individual expertise and the Team B B Eye grew ---Cataract Services, Vitreo Retina,Glaucoma, Community Ophthalmology, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Refractive Surgery, Medical Retina and Neuro Ophthalmology …..and its still growing.

The team has grown to 29 Operating Surgeons and 36 Specialists teaming up for clinical and diagnostic work,but wait , I may be wrong with the numbers,because every other day a surgeon calls up and tells me " Sir I have joined Your Foundation…" but I answer him," It is Your Foundation - because YOU ….. are the FUTURE OF THIS FOUNDATION………."

Dr. PRADEEP KUMAR BAKSHI, Chairman B B Eye Foundation VIP